About Us

At North-Am Immigration, we are a multicultural diversified team of professionals dedicated to ensuring a smooth process for newcomer’s to settle in Canada. While our primary focus is on the sponsorship and settlement of refugees, our practice extends to all areas of immigration including, but not limited to business programs, family sponsorship, study visas, and employment opportunities.


North-Am is also positioned to be a service centre to connect with vital services for a smooth transition for those applying for permanent residency and citizenship in Canada. We are focused on innovative approaches in planning, developing, and delivering services catered to making newcomer’s settlement as smooth and effortless as possible. Our services ensure that regardless of language or cultural barriers, newcomers to Canada will be able to successfully transfer and integrate their existing skills to participate actively in all aspects of Canadian life.


As part of our services, we also connect newcomers with Canadian government services and different communities. We ensure that newcomers are fully acquainted with the living standards and laws of Canada in order to make a positive impact to the Canadian economy.


Our mission is to empower newcomers from diverse communities to succeed and achieve their full potential. We understand that women, particularly arriving as a refugee, often face challenges from their originating countries. To this effect, we have dedicated resources to ensure women are empowered to become self-dependent and live to their full potential upon arriving to Canada.


Our board of directors are actively involved in many different community and social events and are focused on ensuring newcomer’s feel welcomed and belonged throughout their journey to Canadian citizenship. At North-Am, we promote and encourage diversity!


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